WPC profiles and systems


Extruded and co-extruded wood-plastic composite

Application of WPC coverings 

Terrace decks, platform structures 

Construction of wall cladding elements and wall coverings

Fence slats, fence elements, fence construction

Why should you choose WPC?

Our WPC products (wood-plastic composite), i.e. wood-plastic composite materials, consist of 55% exotic hardwood pulp, 35% HDPE (heat-expanding, recycled plastic) and 10% UV stabilizer, dyes, adhesives and other additives, which are made at high temperature and pressure we press under.

Its high wood content ensures a beautiful, aesthetic wood-effect appearance, while thanks to its plastic content, it is primarily extremely durable.

Advantages of WPC

  • easy to work with
  • can be cut and drilled with traditional woodworking tools
  • weatherproof
  • its appearance is extraordinary
  • resistant to UV radiation
  • easy maintenance
  • does not require treatment
  • does not fray, corrode or warp

Why choose us?

-25 years of manufacturing experience

-17 extruder lines, 115 employees

-Quality, wide selection

-European production

-Environmentally friendly solutions

Environmentally friendly solutions



Enviromental-friendly production process

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